About us!

CMS stands for "Content Management System" and was developed, with the idea that even people who was "not-programmers" should have the opportunity to create, own and edit their own website. Through the years, Wordpress, Joomla etc. has been created with this vision being their ideology.
Anders Ganvig, who is the man behind TeamCMS.dk, felt that theese (allready existing) systems, not lived up to the demands, when you as a creator of a newly created team in CSGO needed a website. Theese systems were most of all created to handle shops, blogs and vlogs. This got Anders(As a beloved gamer), in cooperation with a small team, to work out a system that exclusively was designed to CSGO teams, and their needs when it comes to websites.
The vision was(Still is) to create a easy and userfriendly website platform, so that no "coding knowledge" was needed to use it. This vision is our primary goal.



Our "workgroup" has a specially eye for creativity, and are constantly working on new features and designs, that can make TeamCMS better and more attractive.
We have eyes for small details and this is definitely one of our biggest strength as a company.


Respectable price

Even though our system has not been released to the community yet, our vision is to create a system, that not only looks, feels and tastes good, but also a system that is affordable. Everyone should be able to use our system, if you look from and economic standpoint.


Great support

Support is one of our biggest priority, as this helps us create a community who loves our product. We appreciate happy costumers and are willing to go very far, to make that wish come true. The team behind TeamCMS has many years of experience regarding support, so no worries... Even if your english is bad! We will survive! ;)

Our product

We have 1 product at 1 price. Easy and simple. No further payment packages. The entire system at 29.99 DKK a month! Here are some of our features:

Calender system

Multiple teams(Suitable for ORG.)

Automatic match upload

Application System

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1 system, 1 price. You get the entire TeamCMS system for only 3,99 € a month. Simpel.

1 month

Entire system

Full support

Number of days: : 30 days


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3 months

Entire system

Full support

Number of days: : 90 days


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6 months

Entire system

Full support

Number of days: : 180 days


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Our team

Our team consists of creative and efficient people who are always ready to help and develop! See our team here:

Anders Ganvig

Anders Ganvig

Anders is the owner and chiefdeveloper at TeamCMS.dk. He stands for developing TeamCMS' systems and the general ledership in the company.

Andreas Nielsen

Andreas is Customermanager and stands for customer support. Andreas also has the responsibility for the entire support team.

Andreas Nielsen

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Contact informations!

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM!
  • Phone: (+45) 91 45 86 31
  • Email: kontakt@teamcms.dk

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